Who can take out a Business Lawyers Policy?

Small and medium enterprises can take out a Business Lawyers policy.

How to apply for a Policy?

We understand how busy you are so we have made it as simple as possible to join Business Lawyers.

Call us on 0861 92 92 92 or request a Call Me Back and we will refer you to an accredited broker.

How much will it cost my Business?

There are 3 premium levels depending on the size of your business, all of which provide you with R500,000 worth of legal services per annum:

R495 per month for businesses with 1 to 10 employees.
R650 per month for businesses with 11 to 30 employees.
R785 per month for businesses with 31 to 50 employees.
For businesses with more than 50 employees, a quotation needs to be provided.

Our premiums will be reviewed on an annual basis.

These very affordable premiums offer you a comprehensive safety net for your business, knowing that you can count on the support of a powerful professional network should you have any legal and labour law issues.

An annum is calculated as 12 calendar months from the start date of the policy and unused benefits will not
roll over to the next “annum” period.

What joining Business Lawyers means to you!

Your Business Lawyers policy opens the door to more than 2500 practising lawyers and entitles you to legal advice as well as legal representation and litigation in any court or forum anywhere in South Africa.

What your Business Lawyers policy offers your business:

Comprehensive and very powerful legal protection
A one-stop, customer-friendly legal service
Lawyers who are available 24 hours per day
Daily legal issues covered, such as contracts, disciplinary proceedings, commercial law, etc
Legal representation in the High and Magistrate’s Courts nationwide
Lawyers who are specialised in their fields of expertise
All lawyers have more than 5 years practical experience
Qualified and/or practising attorneys and advocates will assist you
We do not use paralegals
Comprehensive Labour and Industrial Law protection for your business
No forms to complete when you want to claim – you only need to call us or send an email
No excess or hidden costs – only a monthly premium
Exclusive monthy newsletters to keep you informed

Which matters are excluded under the BusinessLawyers policy?

• Any matters which are not related to the policyholder’s business are excluded from the policy;
• The overall limit of the policy shall be an amount of R 500 000 per annum, where annum shall be calculated as a 12 calendar month period from the start date of the policy;
• The aforementioned limit shall apply to all services and benefits provided by BusinessLawyers, or on our behalf, during any particular annum;
• Any unused benefits, as per the limit above, shall not roll over to the following annum;
• Representation Services regarding matters which occurred or originated prior to the start date or within 3 months from the start of the policy are excluded from the policy;
• The policyholder shall be entitled to the Legal Advice Line, Business Legal Services, Employment Services and Value Added Benefits from the start date of the policy. Representation Services shall only become effective after a 3 month-period from the start date of the policy;
• All actions, whether actual or contemplated, brought against Genric or BusinessLawyers or against another BusinessLawyers policyholder are excluded;
• Any claim which is false or fraudulent or where the policyholder misrepresented any facts or did not disclose to BusinessLawyers, Genric or the appointed legal representative all facts relevant to a claim;
• Any matters that occurred outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa are excluded;
• Any matters relating to business rescue proceedings, liquidation or sequestration are excluded;
• Any matters relating to investment, pension or provident fund disputes are excluded;
• Any disputes regarding work permits or citizenship are excluded;
• Any disputes regarding water, rates, taxes, telecom and electricity accounts are excluded;
• E-toll disputes are excluded;
• Defamation claims are excluded;
• Any matters adjudicated in the Small Claims Court are excluded;
• Claims or disputes with a value below R5000 are excluded;
• Any matters relating to SABC licences are excluded;
• Any land claim matters are excluded;
• Constitutional Court proceedings are excluded;
• Matters related to the service and/or repair of a vehicle or damages or losses caused by a vehicle accident are excluded;
• All litigation relating to debt collection or debt recovery or rental collection or recovery (please see our Value Added Benefits in this regard);
• Litigation regarding eviction from business premises is limited to 1 application per annum;
• BusinessLawyers shall retain the exclusive right to instruct the panel attorney and to manage that matter until completion;
• Any claim where the claimant acts without the consent of Genric or BusinessLawyers, or contrary to the advice of BusinessLawyers, are excluded;
• Claims or disputes where, in the reasonable discretion of BusinessLawyers, there is no reasonable prospect of success are excluded;
• Any matter where the policyholder does not comply with the reasonable advice, instructions or recommendations of BusinessLawyers are excluded;
• Matters where the policyholder fails to give proper or prompt instructions to Genric, BusinessLawyers or the legal practitioners appointed by BusinessLawyers are excluded;
• Any payments, damages or costs awarded against the policyholder, by way of order or settlement, shall be payable by the policyholder;
• Any fine, penalty, levy or tax imposed by court or regulator for the policyholder’s breach of a law, rule or regulation shall be paid by the policyholder;
• Any witness fees, expert witness fees, or witness travel and witness subsistence costs shall be for the account of the policyholder;
• Any costs orders in favour of the policyholder, whether by order or settlement, in a matter where BusinessLawyers represented the policyholder, shall, upon award or settlement, automatically be ceded to BusinessLawyers;
• All matters not specifically included under Legal Advice Line, Business Legal Services, Employment Services, Representation Services or Value Added Benefits are excluded;
• Any act or activity pertaining to political activity, riot, civil commotion, strike, lockout or public disorder are excluded;
• Any matter relating to the radioactive, toxic, explosive or other hazardous properties of any nuclear assembly, ionising radiation, contamination by radioactivity or any nuclear waste or nuclear component thereof are excluded; and
• Any matters caused by war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war was declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power, or confiscation or nationalisation or compulsory purchase, requisition, destruction of, or restrictions or controls placed on, or damage to, property by, or under, the order of any government or public or local authority.

Do you use a call centre for legal services?

We do not use call centres for legal services and all calls are attended to by lawyers.

If I leave a message, how long before a lawyer calls me back?

We return all calls within 30 minutes.

Where are your offices?

Our head office is located at 766 Ruby Drive, Mooikloof Heights, Garsfontein Road, Pretoria.

How are premiums collected?

Premiums are collected by debit order from the policyholder’s bank account.

When does my policy start?

Your policy commences on the date of the first successful debit order payment and from such date you are entitled to legal advice. 
Representation in any matter only becomes active after expiry of a 3 month-period from the policy start date and matters that arose prior to the policy start date, or within the 3 month-period, are excluded.

How often can I use the service?

You may utilise the services as frequently as required.

Do I pay anything apart from the premium?

No, there are no excess, hidden or other costs.

What about pre-existing matters?

Matters that exist or originated before the starting date of your policy are excluded. For those matters you are only entitled to receive advice.

Can I cancel the policy at any time?

Yes, you can cancel the policy at any time. 

Do you have a complaints policy or procedure?

You can access our complaints policy here.

Do you have a conflict of interest management policy or procedure?

You can access our conflict of interest management policy here.


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